Collaborative industry–government award

Collaborative industry–government award

Nathan Hancock, CEO of Citrus Australia, and Sarah Corcoran, Executive Director of the Biosecurity and Animal Welfare Division in the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources, were joint winners of the collaborative Industry–Government award in the 2019 Australian Government Biosecurity Awards.

They were recognised for their outstanding commitment to biosecurity and their joint response to citrus canker in the Northern Territory.

Sarah Corcoran has dedicated more than 20 years to the prevention, response and recovery from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and the environment.

While with Biosecurity Queensland for ten years, Sarah led and managed to of Australia’s largest national eradication programs, aimed at red imported fire ants and electric ants.

Most recently, her strong communication skills have seen her excel in establishing relationships with all players involved in the citrus canker outbreak emergency response in the NT.

Nathan Hancock is a strong advocate for biosecurity within the citrus industry, including overseeing the appointment of a national citrus surveillance coordinator.

Since commencing with Citrus Australia in 2011, he has been instrumental in the adoption of new maturity and quality standards for the citrus industry.

He is also highly active in representing his industry and producers, strongly advocating for greater communication between government and industry, including during the citrus canker outbreak in the NT.

Author: Australian Government Department of Agriculture