About the pest

  • as an adult, Halyomorpha halys is a 12-17 mm long mottled brown coloured stink bug, shaped like a shield
  • very wide host range and affects many plants, including tree nuts such as hazelnut, pecan and potentially walnuts
  • originally from eastern Asia, but recently introduced to North America and Europe where it is having a significant impact on agriculture and as a nuisance pest
  • saliva causes significant damage to plant tissues
  • eggs are cream to yellow-orange and approximately 1.6 mm long and laid in clusters on the underside of leaves
  • five nymph stages that range from less than 3 mm to 12 mm long. The nymphs are orange and black when they first hatch but quickly develop a similar colouration to the adults
  • the adults and larvae can be confused with a number of other brown coloured stinkbugs that are present in Australia
  • hitchhikes in container shipments of a range of commodities, including plant material. Adults are capable of flight allowing localised spread of the pest

More information

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