After seeing a tweet from the IPPC calling for songs about plant health Jenny Logan was inspired to write ‘Don’t let pests in’.

Jenny said the tweet was a green light for her to create something meaningful and memorable to celebrate the International Year of Plant Health.

“Recently I retired from working on the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program where I developed my awareness of the devastation and destruction that could be caused to Australia’s agriculture industries by exotic pests and diseases,” she said.

“Although I’ve never penned a song before I decided to give it a go, surely it couldn’t be that hard, and what a great way to get involved in such an important initiative as IYPH2020.”

“Once the lyrics were written and the first of many versions of the accompanying video put together, finding a vocalist was next on my agenda.  My singing career only extends as far as the shower so I contacted a former workmate, Suzanne Steer, who also worked on the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program.  Suzanne was only too happy to be involved. The song was tweaked and the video finalised.”

“Suzanne and I (both amateurs) hope the song will bring awareness to the importance of keeping pests and diseases out of Australia.”