Plant health in Australia

Australia is fortunate to be free from many serious plant pests that exist overseas. This is due to our effective quarantine measures and our geographic isolation.

However, there is a growing threat of pests and diseases due to:

  • increasing international and interstate travel
  • more goods being transported into and around the country
  • a changing climate

Our plants

The health of plants is important for all aspects of life.

Plant health affects the air we breathe, the trees we enjoy on our streets and the landscapes attractive to tourists.

Plant health impacts what we eat, can grow in our gardens, our health and our economy.

Keeping plants healthy helps protect our unique natural environment and open spaces.

Agriculture and other industries rely on healthy plants.

They supply food, wine, fibre, shelter and medicine to Australian people and to many international markets.

Your role

Everyone plays a role in keeping Australia free of pests and diseases.

  • people travelling to Australia and around the country
  • farmers monitoring their crops
  • city dwellers with a veggie patch
  • people purchasing products from overseas.

You can all help keep our plants healthy.

DId you know?

  • Australian plant industries

    Generate around $40 billion worth of produce each year and earn more than $30 billion in export income annually.

  • Our national parks

    Cover about 28 million acres in 500 parks and bring an estimated $6 trillion worth of benefits to Australians.