Backyard gardens

Gardening is a great Australian pastime.

Across the country, people turn to their gardens to relax and enrich their lives.

We all have a part to play in protecting plants in our gardens and homes.

So please keep an eye out for pests and diseases in your garden.


What you can do

Gardening Australia page on problems, pests & diseases

Garden clubs of Australia

Improve your plant-life balance

Greenlife Australia

These flies!

Preventing fruit flies

Fruit fly costs Australian orchardists millions of dollars every year and they’re a bane of home gardeners too.

Most of the damage to fruit is done by just two species – the exotic Mediterranean fruit fly on the western side of the continent and the native Queensland fruit fly in the east.

Gardening Australia visited an insect specialist to learn all about how to deal with fruit flies.

Protecting our plants

Plant pests and diseases are a way of life for gardeners, but here in Australia, we don’t have some of the worst of them.

One in particular – xylella, a plant bacterium – has affected vast quantities of productive and ornamental species around the world.

Gardening Australia took a behind-the-scenes look at the new quarantine facilities in Melbourne’s north that are the frontline defence against plant pests and diseases screening high risk plants and plant material before releasing them into the community.

Gardening Australia’s visit to the Post Entry Quarantine Facility

Botanic gardens

Plants are critical for life, and botanic gardens are essential for us to be able to preserve and learn about plants.

Botanic gardens provide a wealth of knowledge that help us plan for a better future.

Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand want help us conserve as many plant species, cultivars and varieties as possible today, so that future generations can use them in their schools, cities, gardens, forests and farms. Biodiversity is a gift to the future.


Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand

Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network

Botanic gardens biosecurity webinar series

Did you know?

  • Botanic gardens

    There are more than 140 botanical gardens in Australia.