Forests are amazing places

They drive our industries, strengthen communities, create jobs across the country and power our economy.

Australians use products made from wood and its components, every single day.

Forests filter our water and nourish soil. They soak up and store carbon and purify the air we breathe. They provide food and shelter for wildlife, improve our environment and give us space to get away from it all.

Using cutting edge innovation and technology, the Australian forestry industry is committed to a future of sustainable growth. Every tree used is regrown and replaced.

The forestry industry is driven by the passion of the people who work within it. They are the stewards of our forests.

Forest health


  • losing our iconic gum trees or wattles
  • our city streets and parks with sick and dying trees
  • having to import our timber unsustainably from overseas.

Overseas pests, global travel and trade have led to new pest establishments threatening Australia’s forests.

A National Forest Biosecurity Surveillance Program is being developed by Plant Health Australia to help to reduce the environmental, social and economic risks of exotic pests to forests.

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