Interstate traveller

Prevent the spread of pests within Australia

Pests, diseases and weeds can travel with you as you visit different areas of Australia.

They can spread through the movement of plants or plant products; soil; agricultural machinery and recreational equipment.

The spread of environmental pests can have a devastating affect on our unique plants and wildlife.

The introduction of a pest, disease or weed onto farms can result in expensive controls and in a loss of markets, which can cost industries and the community millions of dollars, jobs and livelihoods.

There are restrictions on what you can take as you cross state and quarantine borders within Australia.

To protect the health of plants, follow the rules that help to minimise the risk to our unique environments and valuable agricultural markets.

Travellers face on-the-spot fines for taking prohibited items across borders. So check what you are carrying. Penalties apply.

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Did you know?

  • Regional pests

    There are about 80 plant pests or diseases that are subject to some form of rule to control their movement within and between states and territories.

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