How you can help

Keep our plants healthy

Australia is lucky to be free from many serious plant pests due to our quarantine measures and our geographic isolation.

However, there is a growing threat of pests and diseases as a result of:

  • increasing international and interstate travel
  • more goods being transported into and around the country
  • a changing climate

There are many things you can do to help protect our plants.

Everyone plays a role in keeping Australia free of pests and diseases.

  • people travelling to Australia and around the country
  • farmers monitoring their crops
  • city dwellers with a veggie patch
  • people purchasing products from overseas.

Where do you fit?

Did you know?

  • Farmland

    There are 400 million hectares in Australia that is farmed by more than 88,000 farming enterprises.

  • National parks

    There are 500 national parks in Australia that cover 28 million hectares.

  • Travellers

    There are 21 million international travellers arriving in Australia each year, 8.5 million of them foreigners.