Everyday plant health heroes

Brendan Rodoni

Research Director, Microbial Sciences, Pests and Diseases, Agriculture Victoria Research; Professor, School of Applied Systems Biology, La Trobe University

Happy plants, happy farmers (more profitable), happy environment.

How did you choose your job? Or did it choose you?

It chose me. I had finished my degree (1984) and a few mates decided to do honours, so I did the same. I picked a topic on Dasheen mosaic virus, working with Jane Moran at the Burnley Plant Research Institute – the rest is history.

How long have you worked in this industry?

Since 1985.

What does plant health mean to you?

Happy plants, happy farmers (more profitable), happy environment.

What are your greatest achievements in this role?

First paper published, PhD and professorship.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Emails, meetings, writing and if I’m lucky a bit of thinking.

What advice would you give anybody wanting to get into the industry?

Do it if you enjoy it.

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